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It’s like a mirage, from the distance you look like a painter but up close there’s just not much there. Big Eyes (2014) - Tim Burton

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Les Miserbearlas

Do I win for weirdest crossover yet? This is what happens when you’re bored and think “Brienne kinda looks like Javert in her wedding outfit.”

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Jaime x Brienne + Text Posts

Costume Porn from Season 4

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#it breaks my heart a little to know that we’ll never get this on the show #there will be people in the universe who won’t know that Jaime and Brienne have become so entangled that they dream of one another #and it’s not even that they dream of one another#but that they dream of the other’s idealized version of self #in Jaime’s dream Brienne is both a brave fierce knight who can protect him #but she still has the curves of a woman #she is both a beauty and a knight in his dreams #and in her dreams Jaime is an honorable noble lauded man #someone beloved who commands the respect of those around him #he is a knight worthy of songs and cloaks that do not soil him #both of them see the other’s ideal endgame in their dreams #they don’t dream /of/ one another #it’s almost like they dream /for/ one another 

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make me choose  officialtwiglet asked:

briarcliff or Miss Robichaux’s Academy

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